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There'll be some new pics up in a couple days. I'm gonna have my hair in dreadlocks like Head of KoRn. I have taken Travis's pics down, cause he's no longer in the band.

Me and Josh are growing our hair long right now. In these pics, we're "partway" there. So if you think our hair looks stupid right now, just wait and we'll be out of this stage and have long hair hopefully by the end of summer. These pics are big so be patient with them loading.

Ryan the grinnin' guitarist
Ryan the headbanging guitarist!
All it takes is concentration!
Me headbanging some more
Die cameraman die!!
The frustration of screwing up in a song
Josh playing some Israels Son
Josh playing his bass
Josh passed out on his bed
Josh getting into the metal mood!
Josh (guess what?) playing his bass!
Josh playing his bass guitar
Its Josh Anselmo!!!
Me and Josh startin up the mosh pit with Drag The Waters
Me and Josh with each others guitars
Me and Josh jammin on the roof

Thats all the pics i have for now. I'll post more when i get them. Later.